Monday, January 28, 2008

No matter how many times you tell me there's an end in sight - it doesn't negate the beginning and the during

I feel really depressed about having to go into Boston tomorrow to start this new job. I don't want to at all. I hate this sh*t. I wish I didn't have to do this.


Azure Islands

Was peeking in Azure Island's store before and just saw this gorgeous necklace. It's comprised of Misty Dream…freshwater pearls, swarovski crystal roundels. Click the picture to go to its listing. Just beautiful!

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Random small rant

Grrrrr. I have to go into Beantown today to the Skill Bureau. I gained some weight recently, so I hope that my black dress pants fit. NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO GOING IN. I have to take the bus to the T. Grrrrrrr. I bet it's cold out there. LAME. I'm also not looking forward to my new temp assignment. I wish I could just stay here and make b+b stuff and surf etsy, but that would be too much to ask wouldn't it? I'm definitely going to get a white choco mocha from Starbucks.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Osugarfoot... How cute are these?!

Check out Osugarfoot! She has the cutest soaps and the funnest ideas! Peep these!

This banana split soapsicle looks good enough to eat, but actually does a body good! It is made of goats' milk! Click the picture to go to its listing on Etsy!

These are tanning stickers. You put them on before a tan and after the tanning session, you peel them off and voila! On the lighter skin is a design like cherries or a word like sexy or hot or love! Click on each picture to go to each different listing on Etsy.

Also check out her website: CLICK HERE!

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LSK Crochet :o)

I am so thrilled to be a link on LSK Crochet's blog!<<>>>> LSK Crochet

She's got beautiful crocheted items, some are absolutely perfect for winter, like this chenille scarf. Black is my all-time favorite colors, though some people would tsk-tsk me and say, "it's a shade!" It matches everything and is the essence of understated elegance.

Chenille is a super soft and textured fabric. I think this scarf is fab! Click the link to go to its listing.

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Today has been an ok day. Had to go grocery shopping which was lame. It's one of my most dreaded chores... but the only thing worse than going grocery shopping is realizing you are out of food. I was lucky enough to hop on a BnR as it was beginning so I didnt need to buy in/spend any money. Someone bought me off so my sale withdrawal ended. I'm getting more syringes tomorrow, which is good. I really need them to fill some stuff.

What else? What else? I got my pay figured out for last week, so that's good. I can't believe my temp assignment with CGI is over. It was good while it lasted. I love research and data entry positions. I'm an odd ball who loves monotonous repetitive work. I guess that makes me an anomaly. :) Anywho, going to pimp another store after this blog. I need another cuppa tea!

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I liked having all those steady orders coming in. I didn't have any come in today :-\
I guess I'll try to catch up on my orders. Im going to send a bunch out on Monday.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008


This necklace by Chilimango is so pretty! Click the picture to go to the listing!


Chilimango's first treasury!

This is Chilimango's first treasury! I feel really happy to be included! Click the treasury to go to it.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Winding down :(

Damn, my work from home job is ending this week. :(


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Treasury I made

I made this one. Click the treasury to go to it!

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Treasury Pix #1

Treasury I'm in. Click to enter it.:

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

For tomorrow ~

Pack up tomorrow night
High Heat TRY ME
3 chocolate orange balms

Test new stevia, pay with horton, rachael's supp.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Tonight tonight

Goals to do after work:
Pack up order for try me pink high heat
Pack up 2 non-sweetened balms, all-purpose salve


My purty treasury!

I snagged this treasury earlier. It's got some of my fave sellers on there... Mountain Vintage, Jill Hannah, Bina Geyer, artmind and more! Click the picture to go directly to the treasury where you can click on these purty items and go to their listings!

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No sleep til Brooklyn

Boooooooo I can't fall sleep


Saturday, January 19, 2008


Today I met a very sweet lady by the name of Sheltie19. She makes beautiful lampwork beads, dragons, bottles, pendants and more including lip balm and candles. Her niche are the dragons, and she takes the money she makes from them to help pay her medical travel expenses. She is on the liver transplant list up in Rochester, MN at the Mayo Clinic.

Unfortunately her insurance does not cover her medical travel expenses. Help donate to her worthy cause. She is a wonderful Etsyian in need. If you would like to donate directly to her Paypal, send money from your Paypal account to her Paypal email: or to email click here.

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Orange Bead :o)

Helllooooo. Well, this morning thought I would give my pal Orange Bead a shout out. We met running around in the promo thread and got all ghetto with one and other. We are pretty much big gangsters.

She's got a lot of cute stuffies and some nice jewelry for V-day. We're on this BnR (buy and replace) right now and if you buy from her, you can get on the list yourself! Click on each picture to go to the individual listing. Click BnR to go to the BnR. Click her shop name to go to her shop.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Beautiful treasury made by Artmind

This loverly treasury was made by the fabulous artmind. Click on it to go directly to the treasury. Oh, and needless to say... I'm in it. My Try ME sized vegan, sweet plain lip balm :)

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I am in a blogging frenzy today

Just chillin on the forums, and I met a nice lady whose shop name is Azure Islands.

I think this necklace is quite befitting of her shop name, just like pacific blue water off the coast of an island. It's made of Blue Magic, Blue Quartz, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver. Click on the picture to go directly to the listing:

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This little card is not only perfect for the fast-approaching V-day, but it is also a perfect little surprise for someone who simply needs a "big hug."

Click the pic to go directly to the big heart card and click here >>>> check out Artmind's store.

Thought I'd throw a little love chilimango's way

Thought I would give a little bloglove to Chilimango. She is one of my fave chatters. Always super cheery and in good spirits.

She sells handmade jewelry on etsy. Click on the pic of this necklace to see that listing and while you're there check out her other items. Click on her shop name >>> Chilimango to go directly to her store. This her delightful Fallen Heart necklace that would be good for Valentine's Day.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jeebus! 4 posts in one day?!

I just stumbled across a very nice Etsyian, chainchainchained, tonight and her wonderful shop. She's got a lot of beautiful items, but this item caught my eye especially.

Everything about this necklace screams unique and feminine, but still has an edginess to it since the bow is metal :)

Definitely check out her store to see many unique jewelry items! Also, click any of these photos to go directly to its listing.

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I'm on a roll :-D

I decided to give another Etsyian, JillHannah, a shoutout today because who knows when I will blog again.

From the moment I saw this card I knew it had to be mine err... well I am giving it away but I would want to keep it if I had no one to give it too LOL.

How cute are the googly eyes? The paper is really high quality. It came very quickly. Check her stuff out and think about this for V-day. Click on each picture to go to each card's listing.

Lavender essential oil solid scent!

Yay, and now an item from my shop!

If you're on the road with a lack of aromatherapy and life is stressing you out... This is a good thing to keep in your bag. Lavender essential oil solid scent that you can rub on your pulse points or just inhale it. It smells really good and has relaxing properties!

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Hey Now!

So may not be able to do this everyday because I'm not a "routines" sort of gal.. but I'm back and ready to post one thing from my store and one thing from a store of someone I treasure on Etsy.

When I saw this listing flash across on the front page, I had to go look at what it was! These are cookies from Ullja's bakery. <<<<<

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sooo now

Here is an item from my illustrious store! If your lips are chapped, you should DEFINITELY check out my completely non-waxy vegan lip balm.

This vegan lip balm comes in a chocolate orange flavor inspired by an Israeli liqueur called Sabra! This lip balm totally screams buy me! Click on the picture to take you to my listing :-D

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Mountain Vintage!

Yay so part of my blog plan was to show one thing from my store a day and one thing from a friend of mine. Well, I'm starting today with Mountain Vintage. She is one of the sweetest gals on Etsy. If you've never heard of Etsy... well, you must be living in a cave!

Etsy is where you to find everything handmade and vintage.. and supplies (but that's another story entirely!)

Mountain has a lot of vintage fineries, but she also makes fabulous jewelry. This freshwater lavender pearl bracelet is gorgeous. Click the picture to go to the listing! And while you're in her store, peruse the other listings!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hi Shayna Maidelophiles :)

So today is going to be a busy day I have a bunch of orders to get out there. I'm going to post my to do list on here, because I think it will make me feel a bit more organized.

Items I have to get out there!
2 sweet, tingly minty balms
2 full size HIGH heat cinnamon plumping balms
1 Jaffa orange lip balm - I have one of these already
1 TRY ME size low heat cinnamon plumping gloss
1 full size plain sweetened

I also want to try and get out some samples to a couple of websites.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

1/8/07's batch of high heat cinnamon plumping balm

These shots were taken by me today while I tested my batch of High Heat cinnamon plumping balm.

I think it's clear that my lips were paler in the before shot and less plump than in the two shots of my lips after applying.

I'm going to keep putting up my results with my various products.

Additionally if you're interested please go to Shayna Maidel

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