Thursday, March 27, 2008

Come one, come all to the Orange Line attraction

He was dressed in a three piece suit
Didn't realize attraction could be so acute
Glasses and perfect hair
Didn't realize you stopped to stare
Wondered where you were going dressed like that
Looking too young to join the race of the rat
Looking through the window at me as I left the train
Missed opportunities keeping my life plain
Never saw you before, but here's me hoping to see you again
As I scribe with my techno-pen


Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's been a while

Just checking in with my blog, writing to say what I'm working on today, what's on the horizon etc. etc.

Printing out biz cards for Lovelee. She's awesome, and taking biz cards from people put them in ppl's packages to help promote eachother. Her etsy is at LoveLeeSoaps' Etsy

I made a ton of low and high heat lip balms today, so I'm going to be labeling them.

Relax, eat.

And, there's tons more to do. Ack.

Monday, March 10, 2008

So happy to be off today

I received a call early this morning and found out that today I had off from my temp. job. Yay! Been relaxing in bed since then. Going to work on some orders, make some tri-color rotini and try to do some laundry. I will try to not surf etsy too much (which should prove really tough.)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's your JOB

It's your job
You're in control
And I'm the patient
But, you're the one out of control
And I'm losing my patience
It's your job to follow up
I'm the one
doing the follow through
Jumping through hoops
And I'm losing patience
The hoops are getting higher and higher
and now they're fire covered
you'll be doused
with gasoline, the way I am
soon i'll truss you up
and light you

All in white

Don't know what it is
Why it always hit when I'm on there
But it does what it does
And when it does
I look up
And I see it
I saw you
You could have been in all white
with that face
Face of an angel
Wonder what you'd be like
Doubt you're an angel where I'd like to take you
I don't care that you were with a girl
because when I noticed you
You were alone
Holding on to steel
Lips red
Eyes teal
Not usually my thing
The light haired type
Definitely too thin
But if you got with her
You'd get with me
With a face like that, you have to watch it

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rock. Check out my colorful treasury! Would lurve for this to make the front page!

Click the pic to go to the treasury. Otherwise, paste this into your browser.



I just learned how to capture a remix that was playing youtube and make it into an mp3. ROCK!

If I was your girl.. all the things I'd do to you

Absolute classic from Janet Jackson -- pure poetry man. Getting a customer's order together and d/ling some good shizz for tomorrow's ride in and during the day. Any suggestions?